Create your own Free website, save yourself 

I understand the financial and time constraints when starting a business, we all dont have that endless cash stream and time is highly valued when establishing your business brand. If you do have spare time to create a website for free then read on. I will be specific and leave tutorials where possible. So lets gooo….

Three things you need for your website are .

1- Domain Name

You can spend months thinking of a Domain Name only to find its unavailable.

You can check if available here..GODADDY (Price varies).

You can get a Free Domain Name here.. HOSTINGER (The Free Domain comes with limitations)



2 – Hosting

A mid to small website will cost from a few pounds a month upwards, this will depend on the website features. Companies like WIX, GoDaddy offer Free websites, ok for basic websites without dynamic features like Contact Forms, E-Commerce. Only use them if you only want a basic website with an email, phone number, etc.

You can get a Free Hosting here.. HOSTINGER (The Free Hosting comes with limitations)

3 – Design

This is where creativity and time are needed. But no need to learn programming or languages to design a website as several web publishing softwares exist to soften the blow. Personally I recommend WordPress, easy to use, thousands of resources, communities, and functions. You can simply but a website off the shelf do do as you please, you only change the website name, images, and text to personalise it.I also recommend a free desktop publishing software like Inkscape, alternatively pay monthly for Illustrator or Photoshop.

WIX, GoDaddy, Squarespace also offer the samish service, but, restassured it will cost once you add features to your design..


And thats basically how to create a website for Free, and why not, learn the ropes, or the basics to update your site.

But please dont hesitate to contact Conscious Graphics for advice.