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The most important aspect when you build your own website is the Domain Name, buy this YOURSELF, use your own credit / debit card.


Domain Names are purchased for 1 year, or several years, you will lose it if you do not buy it again after that period. We suggest either GoDaddy or 123.reg

We suggest choosing a name that tells people what you do, make it work for you, but try to keep it short. Prices vary depending on where you buy it from, and the extension(.co.uk, or .com, or .org, etc). There are several extensions to choose from, they all do the same thing but have different meaning, for example, ‘www.example.co.uk’ tells visitors that you are based in the UK, whilst ‘www.example.com’ is world wide. Your choice makes no difference, it just sends a different message to the visitor.

When you are ready to buy you will be asked for your name, and address. Your name and address will be accessible to people unless you make it private by purchasing PRIVACY. This is available where you buy the name.

Enough claptrap!!

You wanna Free Domain Name, right!

But there is one lidl clause, it is free after all. The Domain Name extension can only be .tk, thats it. A very small concern if you are just familiarizing yourself with website development or blogging.

So get your Free Domain Name HERE

The obvious positives of a Free Domain Name are its FREE, no money, tricks, etc. Set it up and you are good to go. This is great for learning website development or blogging.

The negative is the extension, it has no real meaning or association.

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