Online success starts with a great domain.

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Just about every business today requires an Internet presence. Having your own domain name increases the name recognition of your business and makes it easier for customers to remember your address.

A web page on a free site is not recommended, and many search engines won’t list pages from free sites. Having your own domain name indicates that you have a serious Internet presence and adds a level of trust and integrity to your business, helping to build your brand in the process. In addition, domain names containing keywords help to get your business higher up in search engine rankings.

Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available. The most popular and easily-remembered domain names are being reserved daily. That’s why it’s becoming more and more difficult to register common names. You’ll have to bear that in mind when registering a domain name for your business.

When you have registered the name you want, it’s protected and no-one else can use it. You can also change your email provider and still keep the same email address if you have your own domain. This means that your Internet investment is safe regardless of what happens to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)