Are Business Cards DEAD?? need a website design

Are Business Cards DEAD??

I would argue “yes.” Business cards have forever been a necessity for a professional, serving as a rite of passage for a businessman’s or woman’s entry into the marketplace, and a professional takeaway impression. Whole business lectures out there deal with how to develop the best impression with your business cards, and use business cards as a creative way to stand out in the market. As a creative professional myself, I’ve enjoyed developing my own colorful and unique card to hand out to business prospects.

If there’s one reason why business cards are disappearing from our wallets and radar, it’s due to the rise of social platforms. Why pass out cards when you can pull out your smartphone and instantly follow one another on LinkedIn anyway? Standard business processes are rapidly changing, in many ways for the better. The newest technology offers convenience and an enhanced workflow that is reshaping business and altering the communications we need. Witness: When we meet a potential client or partner, we typically add them to our phones and exchange emails and social media accounts.

Ultimately, business cards are still incredibly useful at keeping you fresh in the minds of the recipient. This physical card gives the recipient the chance to reflect later, if they have a hard time remembering who you are, and recall where the connection was made, whether it was a trade show or network event.

At the end of the day, your business card may be one of your first impressions but it can also be your last one too since so many of these connections we never see again after the initial meeting. Make sure your card shares the story of your personal brand (or that of your business), is updated and aesthetically pleasing, and you always keep a few on hand everywhere you go — just in case.

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